Naming Ceremony

Congratulations!Baby Naming Ceremony

You have been granted the most precious gift of life, a 'beautiful new baby' and you want to formally present the child to your community, family and friends.

A  Welcoming Ceremony or Naming Ceremony
This is an alternative and very special way of celebrating the birth of your child, without involving a particular faith. The Celebration often begins with a little history of the Given Name. The name given can often symbolise some specific family tie or a special meaning. As the role of the parents/ godparents/ guardians/ mentors, it is an opportunity to state in front of your family and friends, the unconditional love, care, support and encouragement and future development that you all will give and will continue to provide.
Naming ceremonies are performed for people of all age groups, from new born babies to adolescence and beyond. It is also a beautiful way to welcome and celebrate an adoptive child into the family or to embrace stepchildren into a new family. I would encourage participation of family members and the audience to participate during the Naming Ceremony.
You may wish to include a candle-lighting segment to signify guidance, protection and a blessing of the child’s journey through life.
I can offer many different types of ceremonies. Rock Ceremony, Water Ceremony plus more!
The ceremony varies from 15–45 minutes according to the individually designed ceremonies.
Naming - Welcome Ceremonies are purely ceremonial and do not have any legal status. These ceremonies are performed as a public gesture of love and commitment to your child. They are non religious, but can have a spiritual nature.

What my Service offers you.
I offer a unique Naming Ceremony or Spiritual Ceremony
These ceremonies are orchestrated with the flexibility to meet the individual needs. A ceremony can be designed together, to include family traditions, cultural traditions, values and wishes, symbolic, spiritual with Gods Blessing. The freedom of choice is yours.

  • No obligation first consultation (free)
  • An initial meeting at my office, or place of your choice.
  • Attending and officiating professionally.
  • A booklet 'Your Choices' of information to help you with your selections.
  • Practising together (if required)
  • Unlimited consultations with me either personally or by phone, or email.
  • I will put together a custom made celebration.
  • Symbolic ideas and inclusions.
  • Personalised naming certificate for your child.
  • A beautifully presented copy of your Naming Certificate to keep.
  • A booklet of your child’s naming ceremony will be presented to the parents as a memento.
Naming Ceremonies 

What is required by the Parents or Guardians
So that I can prepare the various certificates, I need to obtain from you the following information:

  Your child’s full name.
  Date and place of birth.
  Names of Parents.
  Names of Godparents/Guardians/Mentors.
  Grandparents names, if certificates are required for them.
  Venue for the ceremony (You can contact me for suggestions on venues).

I look forward to meet with you to discuss your special ceremony!

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